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  1. Aviation Operations Consulting

    We are guiding companies, in need of aviation services

  2. Professional Courses

    teaching our own method and process of optimisation

  3. Training and Education

    Believing in humans

  4. Mentorships

    Step in the industry with the help of an expert to guide you

  1. System Engineering

    Bringing your ideas into a real system through the best practices of system engineering

  2. Solutions

    Conducting extensive studies to provide you with the most suitable solution to your needs

  3. Laboratory

    Our in house laboratory, allow us tp reduce the costs and time of R&D and the production of PoCs or small series

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    Our Offices


    Kinizsi Utca 27, 1092 Budapest, Hungary
    +36 20 368 8745


    Rue Paradis, 13008 Marseille, France
    +33 4 91 11 11 11 11


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